Application Form

The RAS mission to San Francisco and San Diego is an entrepreneur mission the UK’s most promising and innovative SMEs in this field that are ready to do business overseas.

For companies that qualify, spaces will be allocated in a competitive process, on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s best to apply as soon as possible.

Selection Criteria

The mission is open to companies that in the field of Robotics and Autonomous Systems that:

  • Are innovators and entrepreneurs in RAS
  • Have established a trading company in the UK
  • Have compelling early-stage fast-track potential
  • Able to cover contribution towards mission costs
  • Able to cover event expenses

A Startup / SME is defined as a company with less than 250 staff and a turnover of less than €50m turnover.

Robotics Mission 2014 Application Form

One of the most crucial elements of the application form is your elevator pitch. This is used for the publicity material and web pages that are produced for the trip. It also helps us tailor the programme so you get the maximum benefit from the trip.

Please note that the dates and programme are subject to change. If you have any queries, do drop us an email.

Sorry, applications are now closed.